distinguish between long / short press and assign to ctrl / escape in Caps Lock

Hi all
I have version of BTT
I have been trying but I can not reach it for the life of me how to set long press to CTRL and short press to ESCAPE for the CAPS LOCK key. It is an usual config for VIM users like me, but i have messed my keys so many times…
for caps lock I have successfully assigned it to pressing both Shift keys
any help will be much appreciated.

Not sure I understand ... you want caps look to become control and esc?
If so, then remap caps lock to control in macos and create a key sequence in BTT. Control = esc.

but that way it does not distinguish between short and long press right? I want to be able to use as escape key in VIM and as CTRL modifier when pressing any other key after it

I do not know Vim. Anyway this has nothing to do with short/long press. :slightly_smiling_face:Esc is executed when esc (caps lock) is released. If you hold the key and also press a letter, the sequence that is supposed to execute esc is interrupted. So esc is not executed.