Display clipboard content type in clipboard history window

Would it be possible to show an indicator for the content type of items in the clipboard history window? For example, Pastebot shows a small label like TXT, RTF, JPG, etc.; Keyboard Maestro shows a fancy A for RTF, a less fancy A for plain text, etc.; Gladys explicitly gives the content type like public.html, public.rtf, public.utf8-plain-text, etc.

It seems like a helpful way to know what I might be able to or need to do with a given item.

Sorry if I missed if this is already possible. :slight_smile:

problem would be, the clipboard usually contains many different types so it can paste the plaintext in a texteditor, the rtf in a rich text editor, the html in an app capable of rendering it, a file in a file browser, etc.
Would you want to see all content types currently available in clipboard? (basically the target app chooses what fits best)

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I was actually wondering about that. I had tested to see if BTT stored all of the types or just chose one.

It might be helpful to indicate at least which BTT is showing the preview. I can sort of tell from the preview some times, depending on what as copied.

If BTT does have access to all the types, would it be possible to have a drop down or something to view which were available and choose which to preview at the moment? This might be helpful for editing the contents in place as well.

yes I think I can add that. BTT tries to guess what type is best for displaying (e.g. pdf, video, rich text)

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That sounds great! Thanks!

I would greatly benefit from this feature :+1: