Discord VC Settings!!

After tons of research and trial/error, I've created a functioning set of widgets to toggle mute and deafen in Discord any time the app runs in the background.
Pressing the purple "Call Options" button will open the group of options, pressing the matching green one will close the group, and long-pressing it will bring your current Discord call to the foreground. Mute and deafen function the same with these buttons as they do inside the Discord client.

Here's the preset!!
Discord - Toggle VC Settings.bttpreset (134.3 KB)

A few notes:

  1. Before using, open the action for "VCVolumes-Sync" and follow the setup instructions to make sure your system and Discord settings match each other (also make sure this button is disabled, you won't need it in your touchbar)

  2. The Touch Bar widgets will ALWAYS change their corresponding Discord options (as long as Discord is running), but using Discord's in-app buttons will NEVER update your Touch Bar widgets. Because of this, using the in-app buttons can desync your widgets. When this happens you can either
    (a) press the correct in-app buttons so they match your Touch Bar again, or
    (b) rerun "VCVolumes-Sync" with Discord unmuted and undeafened.

  3. If you'd like these widgets to appear anytime Discord is open (rather than just in the background), just edit the conditions under the Conditional Activation Group and remove the second condition