Disappearing mini menubar/status icon area

Good afternoon,
I recently started to experience some visual glitches with BTT’s notch bar, most notably the stuff in the “Mini Status Icon Area” can sometimes turn into a very dark gray color which makes it barely visible due to the black background:

I tried to update both BTT and my Mac and things only got worse. Now everything in the “Mini Menubar Area” and “Mini Status Icon Area” tend to disappear. Sometimes it’s just one or the other, but other times they both vanish just as you can see here:

For reference, the notch bar of my Bear app normally looks like this:

Overall, things seem to be worse in full-screen mode with all the buttons occasionally vanishing for a few seconds. I didn't change any settings and I didn't install anything new. I tried to restart both my Mac and BTT multiple times. The latter usually helps, but only for a short while. I’m currently running:

MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 on an M1 Pro Mac '14
BTT 4.038

this mostly depends on your wallpaper, macOS adjusts the color of the icons based on that. BTT tries to invert the icons if it detects the wrong color, but this sometimes fails.

In general I’d recommend to enable the background image option for the Notch Bar (in the BTT settings)

Hi Andreas, I tried that but it doesn't solve the problem of the disappearing icons:

Note that it's not just a matter of color/visibility. There are literally no icons and nothing happens when I try to click on that area. Restarting BTT usually makes them reappear, but only for a while.

I'm experiencing the same issue. 2020 13" MBP without the notch. I have it checked to show on Standard Screens without Notch but the mini menubar and mini status items don't ever show up. Much of the time I lose all the status icons and sometimes even the menu bar. The only way to resolve it is to restart BTT but it's only temporary.

@Brentley3 with the default template the mini* items only work on large height menubars (i.e. on Macbooks with a Notch).

In standard screens use the standard items)

@Andreas_Hegenberg, the issue persists with the 4.046 alpha installed

Possibly the 4.047 version helps. Unfortunately full screen mode is really hard to handle as there are almost no official api's to get the correct UI states ;-(

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