Disabling or converting double/multiple 1 finger clicks into single click

My trackpad is faulty (fires double/multiple clicks when clicked once causing haptic feedback feel like slight electric shock, i think it's pressure detection issues) and i have to temporarily find a solution. The problems affects just the regular single click with one finger, works fine if i click with two fingers or force click with one finger. i am currently using tap and seems like a good solution but every once in a while i'll mistakenly press the trackpad harder triggering the effect again. is any of the following possible work around possible ?

  • disable the haptic feedback completely ?
  • disable 1 finger click for more than one click simultanously
  • capture and delay multi clicks in single clicks
  • or any other suggestion that wont require me to change my trackpad (I cant for now and has to find a temporary fix )


disabling haptic feedback would maybe be possible, but it would still generate the click events ;-(

if haptic and 1 finger clicks can both be disabled, then problem solved.

unfortunately at least with BTT that is not possible ;-(

How about increasing the pressure required for 1 finger click taps, it's in settings but is there a way to increase the slider way way beyond the regular 'firm' in settings whcih is the highest

unfortunatey BTT does not influence the system 1 finger click behavior at all. It could probably be done, and maybe I can add such a function at some point in the future, but for now I think BTT will not be able to help you.

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