Disabling MacOS Command Option Click?

Noob here... BTT where have you been all of my life? I recall i may have run across this in my decades of Mac use as a developer...

Anyway, I get ALL of my windows hidden dozens of times a day because i do a CMD+OPT+Click in one IDE without bringing it forward (I know, 3 screen life problems :slight_smile: :joy: )

I would do about anything to nerf this "feature" of the OS.

Any thoughts? I'm still trying to grock all of what is in BTT... like chaining commands/shortcuts (or whatever you call them LUL). So... i guess i should end this run on post .

glad to find you all,

Head to the "normal mouse" section and configure a trigger for cmd+opt+leftclick that does nothing:

That awesome! This toolbox is quite full of awesome tools!

I kind of thought i could just grab it with a big hammer.... But, I do need it to work in AppCode, AndroidStudio, and PhpPStorm, WebStorm.... and i guess XCode.

I wonder, can i make sure it's a cmd+opt+click IN a forward app?

I kind of wish i was still developing system extensions! I kind of miss the Now Software days... if any of you are old enough to remember Now Utilities. :slight_smile:

Anyways, Much thanks for the reply!

I think i'm close to a solution.

I created a group of NOT IDEs and added your suggestion to that.

While that will NOT stop me from shooting myself in the foot if i'm in one IDE forward and cmd-opt-click in the other, i think it may reduce the whole mess.

Having 3 screens with 5 spaces each on them all blank and a dozen of hidden apps is crushing my brain.