Disabling double-tap to drag


Can someone remind me how to enable/disable double-tap to drag?
I want to disable it but I can't find it in the trackpad preferences (tap-to-click is disabled)

(M1 Pro with Monterey, BTT is up to date)

System Preferences => Accessibility => Pointer Control => Trackpad Options... => Uncheck "Enable Dragging"

Thanks for the fast reply!
However, this box is already unchecked...

I should also mention that it isn't enabled when BTT is closed

BetterTouchTool does not have additional double tap to drag options for trackpads. Are you sure it's dragging what you are seeing?

Huh that's weird
Yeah I'm sure, I can drag windows around, select text and files...
Tap to click itself is not enabled, a simple tap doesn't do anything (unless "enable dragging" is checked)

Can you post a screenshot or export of your trackpad gestures setup in BTT?

I don't think there is any that could act as double-tap to drag but who knows

Does this work?

Paulin_Guery.bttpreset (405.9 KB)

(I also tried rebooting)

Thanks a lot for looking into this!

Well I ended up resetting all settings and it's fixed
Go figure

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