disabling a key command causes constant button push

I downloaded this app to be able to essentially disable the Shift+Command+Q command so I don't constantly log out during a game. But when I have remapped the shortcut to something else, it's basically constantly pressing Q, so I run to the left and it gets stuck, and it's hard to interrupt to get my character to stop.

Can you post a screenshot on how you tried to achieve this? Possibly try to check the "prevent recursive triggers" option:

I'm just trying to completely cripple, turn off, do nothing with Shift+Command+Q command. I have the key command issued to select to "No Action". It seems to only be repeating the Q key when I'm already holding down Q prior to issuing the command. I NEED the command to NEVER work because Shift and Command is part of a key combo in my game, and Q Is just me running directly to the left. So what's happening is I'm holding down Q already to move out of bad things on the ground, and then I do the key combo of Shift+Command (which then creates the Shift+Command+Q shortcut) and then I'm stuck running left until I switch out of the game and back in using the trackpad swipe to switch desktops.