Disable trackpad when mouse is attached

I would like to have the option to disable the trackpad when i connect my Bluetooth mouse to my MacBook Pro. Is there a way in Better Touch Tool to do that?

While looking through feature requests I found this and an earlier request for the same thing here: Disable Trackpad when mouse is conntected

Yes, this is the same request also done by me.
Can tis be done? I am already looking to do this myself with a little background program that detects of a mouse (wired or Bluetooth) is connected and the disables the trackpad.

I would like this feature, too! In the meantime, I serendipitously discovered that if I had also my Logitech USB receiver plugged-in (but not used), the disable-trackpad-on-mouse connection would work for that dual-mode mouse, even when using it with bluetooth! Not an idea solution, but working sufficiently well!

This is possible in MacOS Accessibility settings i believe

Hi There,

I have read the article but it for Catalina it isn't working.
All the articles I read are for earlier OSX versions. The same procedure doesn't work for Catalina.
If you have an article about this for Catalina please share this.


The checkbox is cheked but nothing happens

Not sure, might be a macos bug. Maybe try uplug and replug the mouse? I've never used this feature i just know it's there

Yep that option should work - as long as you are talking about the built in trackpad and not an external Magic Trackpad.

The strangest thing happened. I clicked the checkbox on and nothing happened.
Then I thought it is because Better Touch tool was installed and something got in the way.
So I removed BT and restarted my Mac and the trackpad could not be pressed any more. I mean it didn't click when I pressed the trackpad. And the Bluetooth mouse was working. Then I switched it off again and the trackpad worked normally. Now I switched it on again and the trackpad is responding to my touch so it doesn't switch off. Am I missing something here?

Yes, I'm working with the build-in trackpad But it seems to have a mind of its own.
I'm using a Logitech MX Anywhere Bluetooth mouse. I also uninstalled the Logitech software for mac for this mouse so it wouldn't interfere with the Apple OSX stuff. Bit still the trackpad is. always on.
I read a note about maybe it is a bug How can I verify that?