Disable software escape key on 16" MBP

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple added back a physical escape key. This means that GC will have a redundant escape key, so I’m working on an option to disable the escape key on the Touch Bar entirely! I’ll use this thread to post updates.

@Andreas_Hegenberg one question for you - will it be possible to detect the 16” mbp somehow, perhaps with a new BTT internal variable like “has_physical_esc_key”?

If you have or are getting a 16” MBP, let me know because I will definitely need your help testing!

+1, but already added a manual remove escape key option and uploading a new build very soon :grin:

Am I missing something? Why not just disable 'show escape key on left side' in the BTT touchbar settings? Removes the software key for me

GC uses its own custom escape button implementation! So this setting wouldn’t do anything for GC users. Additionally, GC has a few custom behaviors around the escape key that the UI would need to accommodate for when it’s turned off.

That said, I also want it to hide automatically if you’re using the new MacBook. I don’t think this should be a user-facing option.

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Maybe ping systemevents or detect display dimensions?

Received my 16" MBP yesterday if you'd like me to run any commands to assist with auto-detecting this model...


not really relevant but is the new model’s touchbar the same dimensions as previous ones?

Could I have a screenshot of the bar? thanks!



By my measurement excluding the fingerprint sensors, my MacBook Pro 16's touchbar is exactly 2cm shorter than my MacBook Pro 15's touchbar.


I think I'm missing something. 'show escape key on left side' is missing from my BTT Touch Bar settings. Using AQT with BTT and am unable to hide escape key.

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