Disable shortcut when inputting text?

I'd like to have a shortcut within a particular app, but not for it to activate if I'm currently inputting text. I'm aware that it's possible to have a conditional activation group with text input as a condition, but that doesn't appear 100% reliable, especially for web content, and it's also a hassle to set up a new conditional activate group for each app. Is there an easier way to do this? It would be very useful for setting up single key shortcuts - if I'm in a text box I just need to hit escape to use them again.

I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly. But if you want to disable BTT, then do something, and then reactivate BTT, that works. There is a predefined BTT action. You can toggle BTT on/off with a shortcut.

I'd think of it more as a trigger condition rather than disabling BetterTouchTool as a whole. Essentially I'm looking to assign single key shortcuts, but have those keys behave normally when the focus is a text input.

unfortunately I don’t think macOS offers a way to recognize when text input is active - especially for custom content like in web ;-(