Disable Safari's Pinch-to-Zoom Tab Switcher with BTT?

New user here...

I'm trying to use BTT to disable the often-accidentally invoked pinch-to-zoom tab switcher in Safari, without turning off pinch-to-zoom globally in Mac OS. By default, when you pinch with two fingers, Safari shows a thumbnail view of all tabs for the foreground window.

I've set up a Safari-only Trackpad gesture using "Pinch In" with "No Action" but Safari continues to show it's tabs when you pinch with two fingers.

Might anyone lend any tips or advice?

Many thanks,

Kirk out

I just have the same question. I saw a post somewhere else proposing what you tried, and apparently it worked in some earlier versions of BTT, which seemed to have a "No Action" action, almost like it overrode system actions with "don't do anything."

Whether that was really what was happening or not, the current version of BTT doesn't seem to have an equivalent "No Action" action, just the absence of any other actions.

I am on the trial and like probably many others, would buy BTT just for this feature! Apple will apparently never get around to letting users override this terrible Safari implementation of pinch out.