Disable mouse actions/keyboard for x seconds

I woud like to have available the following actions:
1- Disable mouse cursor movement (x&y coordinates, only x, only y) for x seconds
2- Disable mouse clics (all buttons, right button only, left only, middle, etc) for x seconds
3- Same than 1 with trackpad cursor movement
4- Same than 2 with trackpads clics with 1 finger, 2 fingers, etc.
5- Disable all keys from keyboard (all connected keyboards, or selecting specific keyboard) for x seconds
6- Disable only modifier keys (shift, control, option, command) for x seconds

This feature would be useful for avoid the following problems:

  • I run a workflow that moves the cursor or clic a button. While the workflow is running I accidentally move the cursor or clic a button. Unexpected results can happen…
  • I run a workflow that sends a shortcut. While the workflow is running I accidentally press any key. Unexpected results can happen...
  • I have a workflow that starts to run with a shortcut that I press in my keyboard (Command+A) and the workflow sends another shortcut with different modifier keys (Option+Z). If I press Command+A, but my finger keeps holding the Command key while the workflow is running, the workflow will not send Option+Z (the workflow will send Command+Option+Z with unexpected results)

In the case of disabling mouse and keyboard activity at the same time, I would suggest that BTT keeps enabled the ESC key to restart BTT.

If all these options are too much complicated, I would vote only for disabling the modifier keys for x seconds, that would be very useful.