Disable Keyboard Shortcuts for specific app


Is there a way to only disable all Keyboard Shortcuts for specific apps? I know I can enter the same keys again, but this is kind of not feasible as I would need that for a lot of apps with a lot of shortcuts. (see background below)

I use a German Windows/PC keyboard with my Mac and I have setup a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to emulate the Windows Keyboard on Mac. I also have Windows apps running through Parallels in Coherence Mode. Here I don't need those keyboard shortcuts, so it would be great if I can disable them. Right now, I can only use "Disable BetterTouchTool completely" which unfortunately also disables Window Snapping which I want to keep. Native Window Snapping of Windows still works for the Windows apps, but it sometime sizes the Windows wrong to they get covered by menu bar on top and launcher at the bottom.

you could create a conditional activation group, which is not active for these apps, then you can move your shortcuts to that group :slight_smile:


That sounds good. I have check if there is an easy way to identify Apps running in coherence mode.

That was actually quite easy. I just needed to filter for Bundle identifier that begins with "com.parallels"

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