Disable internal keyboard

Hi there,

Please can you implement an action to enable/disable the MacBook Pro internal keyboard based on a key-combo from an external keyboard (or any trigger really)

My kitten has taken to sitting on the laptop while I'm working at my desk - presumably because it's so warm! It wouldn't bother me so much because I use an external keyboard and monitor, so she's not even getting in the way, but she triggers keypresses every time she moves!

It'd be brilliant if there was a way to enable/disable the internal keyboard (and trackpad for that matter!) at the drop of a hat/key-combo.


I just found your other utility KeyboardCleanTool which does half of what I need - it does block keyboard input, but it blocks the external keyboard too.

Is there any way to make KeyboardCleanTool or BTT do what I'm trying to achieve?

...or any other tools that I could use?

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