disable inherite for specific apps?

may it's easy but I didn't found it..
I have some Shortcuts and Trackpad-Actions fpr all Apps and want do disable all Keyboard-Shortcuts for specific apps.
But I can't use 'Disable BBT completely' because I like to use the Trackpad-Actions and other Shortcuts for this apps.
Creating all Trackpad-Actions again for this Apps would be no big deal

I would try it with the active conditions. But I'm not at the computer and can't test it.
"active_app_name is not YOUR_APP" or something like that.

yep, use conditional activation groups for this:

This group would be active for all apps except Finder and Safari

ah, ok, so I could use this instead of 'All apps' and then create the opposite Group to set other ShortCuts? I'll try..
anyway I thing it would be great to select / disable Keyboard, TrackPad, TouchBar, etc.. to be inherited or not

it works nice, thanks.
I now can use Windows-Shortcuts like CTL+X,C,V,N etc.. in MacOS and use standard Shortcuts in Parallels or RDP :smiley: