disable Finder F11 F12 touchbar keys in Finder

I came to BTT looking for a way to disable the F11 and F12 touchbar keys in finder. I have big hands and am constantly, accidentally triggering them. Annoying to say the least. None of my programs use those keys, and I would be happy to have them disappear in every context.

I installed Goldenchaos-BTT, and can make everything disappear when I press the fn key, but i'd like to have the F11 and F12 keys permanently gone without having to press anything.

I'm not a sophisticated user, and can't understand from what I've found so far how to disable these keys. How can I make the Goldenchaos control strip appear as default?

Any guidance would be most welcome! (Running 10.13.6)


you can make your own preset entirely, using the fn keys, just from F1 to F10.

Thanks for responding — that's what I'd like to do! What would be my first step, and in which area of the app would I do it??


Or here?

I should add, I see the GoldenChaos strip (only) if I hold the function key down. The default MacOS control strip returns as soon as I let go. When GC-BTT strip is active (because I have fn key depressed), it works as expected.
I imagine the GC-BTT strip could be there all the time — what do I need to do to enable that?
Thanks for any help and patience with what is probably a dumb question.

nah, I think that sounds like either a bug error that @GoldenChaos need to fix, or something you have wrong in your BTT preferences. hopefully GoldenChaos will see this and help you out.

So what are you actually wanting? do you want to recreate the Fn keys, soo they come up only when you hold the Fn key? Or do you want to make the custom Fn keys to stay there constantly?

so this is where you would make your own preset. im not good at creating conditional activation groups, but you need to do that (someone else might help you with that). Then you need to create 10 Fn buttons (call them F1, F2, etc), and make them do whatever you want them to do. Then, if you want them to only show while holding the Fn key, select 'Show only while these modifier keys are being held', and select Fn.
if you want, I can make you this, then you can add your own triggers for whatever you want :blush:

Thanks for your kind offer! I'm not sure I would understand how to use it (yet).
I've waded into waters that are deeper than I thought...
My question was as dumb as I feared in one way — function keys go away with simple OS preferences selection:

Truly wrestling the control strip into submission will take some fiddling until I actually understand how BTT works. I need an introductory tutorial to BTT that presumes no prior knowledge of scripting etc, but I haven't found that on YouTube yet...

I have zero knowledge of coding too, but I just learned how to use BTT by asking a bunch of questions on the forum. youll get it :slight_smile:

https://youtu.be/Ge-4BZ4yN6Y this could be worth a watch. its a video about BTT made by the creator.

Thanks, the mist is beginning to lift!

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