Disable all side swipes on magic mouse

Is there a way to configure the magic mouse to disable ALL side swipes? I'm having trouble configuring it to turn off 1, 2, and 3 finger swipes. I don't want to side swipe at all. In the Swipes configuration tab I have all 3 check boxes checked and the sensitivity set all the way to harder.

Also in the custom settings area I have 2 Finger Swipe Left and 2 Finger Swipe Right set to Action: Scroll: [0, 0} but 2 fingers still activate a side swipe.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I don't have a Magic Mouse, never used one, I have no idea if this will work, BUT:
In system preferences, go to Magic Mouse gestures, and hopefully you can untick them from there. otherwise, I have no idea lol

Unfortunately that's not one of the settings in the system preferences. They're pretty limited so I was hoping BetterTouchTool could solve the issue.

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I'd love to see a quick setting in BTT to disable all side swipes on the Magic Mouse.

In my case, I'm trying to configure a Mac for my elderly mother, who has declining fine motor skills. It is way too easy for her to mistakenly trigger the side swipe actions, which is particularly problematic in Mac Mail, in which side swipes archive or delete messages.


I agree, Mac Mail is extremely sensitive with horizontal swipes. BetterTouch, I've seen a lot of demand to disable all horizontal swipes, can you please add this feature? With all the functionality you've built into your software, what is the hurdle in adding this feature?

Yes! I want to disable both left and right swipes by my Magic Mouse. This is the reason I'm looking into BTT. The annoying right or left swipe in my Mac mail inbox is a real pain. It's too easy to delete an email in the blink of an eye. So far I have been unable to disable the swipe function with BTT. What's the secret to success?

Can somebody at BTT please provide a response to this thread? Is there any development to add this feature? Some better support would be helpful.

I'm not sure what you mean by side swipe, but you can disable single finger scrolling on the Magic Mouse:

Thanks for the quick response. I'm not referring to vertical scrolling. What I mean is that when I move my finger to the left or right - horizontal scrolling.

Examples of where that has an effect.

  • Mac Mail - When you move your fingers slightly to the left, it brings up an option to delete the email - it's highly sensitive so it it's very easy to trigger on accident.

  • Adobe Photoshop - this causes the canvas to move around based on what direction your fingers move across the mouse. This is also highly sensitive and easy to trigger.

I see the option to "Disable Single Finger Horizontal Scrolling" however the problem is that I often have 2 fingers resting on my mouse. I would like an option to disable horizontal scrolling completely regardless of how many fingers. Let me know if that makes sense.


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Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,
Can you please provide an update on the status of this post? I sent a reply to your question 28 days ago and haven't heard back. My original post is from June 2020. I'm disappointed that BTT has not been responsive with this issue despite multiple posts by me as well as other users requesting the feature.

Unfortunately BTT currently doesn’t have such a feature, I think I’ll be able to add this in an upcoming release however there is no timeline available yet. I’m not sure whether there are other apps that can disable horizontal scrolling.

Sorry to butt in here, but I have the feeling that there is something being misunderstood, Andreas. In the panel you show above, the second tick box on the right says "disable single finger horizontal scrolling". If this were to work a good part of people's problems with Magic Mouse hypersensitivity would be solved. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work any longer (a few versions back, it did). Similarly, if one could set a region on the mouse for such horizontal scrolling/swipes" to be limited to (and thus ignored everywhere else), that too might solve the problem, but again, this doesn't seem to work. If the OS has changed and no longer allows that kind of control, fine, please just tell us so that we can yell at Apple :wink:

Realize that it's not specific to magic mouse. The same left/right single swipe actions happen from the touchpad.

In the mail.app example, the same swipe issues exist in Spark, Edison Email.app, Airmail.app, etc.

One option might be to add a trigger action for 'Do Nothing' or 'Ignore Gesture' in the app-specific configurations.

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