Disable "Accessibility API Permissions" window?

Hi, is there any way to turn off the "Accessibility API Permissions" window without actually having to enable the Accessibility API?

I only use BTT for its excellent Stream Deck support, to run a few AppleScripts, and so I don't need to let it access the Accessibility API. Therefore, it it would be good security practice for me to run BTT without Accessibility permissions.

BTT works fine for me with Accessibility off except for the window which BTT persistently shows in the middle of the screen.

I didn't see anything in the main settings, but perhaps there is a hidden pref to turn this off?

unfortunately BTT uses that API across the whole app. Using it without the permissions can lead to the weirdest bugs (even with Stream Deck), and is not supported. Sorry!

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OK, thanks for the info - much appreciated.

Andreas, what about that if I am getting that permission window every second or every third wake up my mac?

then there is most likely a problem with your macOS accessibility database.

You could try to reset it with this terminal command (make sure to save any unsaved work, this sometimes crashes macOS)

sudo tccutil reset Accessibility
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