Differentiate external keyboards


Would it be possible to differentiate between keyboards. For example I have an external keyboard which I would like to fully use for BTT macros, I don't want to use it as a normal keyboard. Would it possible that the program identifies which keyboard a keypress is coming from and if it is coming from a certain keyboard performs certain command.

E.g. I assign the key "f" on the external keyboard to open Firefox but I don't want to open it with the normal keyboard.

Thank you, best regards.

+1 This would be useful for gaming keypads such as Razer Tartarus. I'd rather skip their software as a middle-man and run all of my shortcuts and macros through BTT

each key sends a keycode. as long as they have separate key codes itll work. if you dont need to see wahts being entered you could just have that keyboard set to a language you dont use. like chinese/mandarin. some keys will still overlap - number keys are the same regardless of the language.

karabiner is a app thats extremely powerful. it can reassign keys and be keyboard specific. its important to note it reassigns and nto binds others to the original key. all the input are routed differently depending on the device and app its sending to. karabiner stops it at the earliest level. but if youre using a non keyboard hardware this wont work. nonkeyboard emmulates the key but it doesnt register like a actual keyboard (key down keyup). an example would be an onscreen keybaord on a a ipad.


you could just have that keyboard set to a language you dont use. like chinese/mandarin

Thank you so much! I missed this step and I almost gave up the whole project.