Different Snapping Areas for different Mac Desktops

I would appreciate feature to be able to configure different snapping areas for each mac virtual desktop individually as opposed to the current shared configuration between virtual desktops.

This would be great addition when working with single large display as you could have multiple smaller windows snapping neatly to grid on one virtual desktop while having two-3 other windows arranged side by side on next and so forth.

I came here hoping to create a feature request or upvote a similar, recent one but was hit by the reality that someone already asked for it 3 years ago and it's been ignored ever since.

This is so important and yet it's gone unnoticed for 3 years. Windows Power Toys offers this as a feature and after you use it it's difficult to work any other way.

I have one virtual desktop per task type like "Personal Browsing", "Work Browsing", "Development", "API/Integration" etc and each one has snapping windows automatically opening in their corresponding virtual desktop snapping areas.

Please give this feature a chance!

Unfortunately there are no APIs for this on macOS that could be used by BTT as far as I know. Thus it's not possible to know about the current space.

Thanks a lot for replying so quickly. Although an unfortunate information, I feel comfort in knowing it's not an oversight or something that could be easily achieved.

As a workaround, I have created a few overlapping areas that I use differently depending on the desktop I am. It gets a little bit confusing but I can approximate the behavior of having different snap areas per desktop.

Thanks for letting us know the reason. Unexpected to hear that apps can be "assigned" to specific virtual desktops in the dock so they always open on the same screen together, but no way for BT to know about the virtual desktop currently in use.

It would help me if there were an option to only show a snap area IF dragging a window for a specifeid app (which there is) AND if there is also another window on the desktop that meets a given criteria (from another specified app, or with specified name, etc)

My use case: When I open each of my messaging apps, they all arrange on one desktop together. Other apps (like Notes) I use on that desktop sometimes but other desktops other times. I'd like to set a drag area for Notes to show up only if it's on the desktop with one (or more) of the other apps.

Could another idea for determining which desktop is active be to consider what background image is showing? Obviously doesn't work if one is auto-changing backgrounds all the time (which I do on some desktops,) but I use a particular static one for my messaging desktop.

Maybe these ideas are worth implementing as workable solution for this request and possibly appealing for other uses.