Different Settings based on Resolution - Macbook vs attached Screen

When I use my 27" 4K monitor I have global settings to Maximize Window Left, Window Right etc. and those do 50% of the screen, which is great.

When I am using my 13" MacBook Pro 50% is too small, and it really needs to be 66%

'The shortcut keys and also the Window Snapping should implement these different % options based on Resolutions to make it easy to control. (This would autofill from the display being used at the time, for example1680X1050 for my MacBook Pro) this would be great if defined by resolution, so when hooking to another 4K monitor, those defined %'s would stick and just work.

Just bumping this. I've been wanting it for some time, and today I set up an account to bump. It would be cool to add a layer of “if then else then” to the actions.

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if you create custom snap areas they will be specific to a resolution & display, you could replicate the standard window snapping using these

Thanks Andreas, I will have to look into that too. But the shortcuts can’t work like that correct?

That is what would be super beneficial to have. A cmd + 1 on a laptop would do 66% to the left and a cmd + 1 on a monitor could do 50% left. This would be super useful and helpful. You could map your keys per resolution. Using snaps where you have to drag the window to do it, is quite a bit more clunky imho.

you can assign shortcuts to snap areas and they will then also be specific to a resolution/display

Ok, thanks. Could you please translate the settings for “use this monitor when setting a new position for a window”? “0 screens left from window display”? What does that mean? How do I have to set it up, to make the same command go right 50 % on laptop display, but right 33 % on external display?

I think you are looking at the custom move/resize action. That one is not specific to a resolution at the moment.

For snap areas you need to click the BTT menubar icon and select „snap areas -> create new snap area“. There are some tutorials on youtube on how to work with BetterSnapTool / BetterTouchTool snap areas.

Then to trigger it with a keyboard shortcut create a new shortcut and assign the „trigger snap area“ action. However I need to check if the keyboard shortcuts take the resolution into account, otherwise I’ll need to fix that.

Looking at custom move/resize, is there a way to specify coordinates from the max width? I sometimes have 3 screens, sometimes 2, and would like to have an action that says "move this window's top left corner to -200% of the rightmost screen". Right now, I can only do this from the leftmost screen by using 0px as position, but I'd like to use MAX_X - 3840, where MAX_X is sometimes 3840, sometimes 5760.