Did open/close Macbooklid doesn't work?

With the new BTT-Version Wake-, Sleep- and BTT-Start-Trigger work fine!

Do you also have a plan to repair the Lid-open/-close-Trigger?

They seem to work here, however they will only work if the Macbook does not go to sleep when closing the lid (so when some external display is connected).
They can be a bit slow because BTT only polls the state every few seconds.

Yes if I use Amphetamin to avoid sleeping the trigger works!
It makes sense, because otherwise the sleep-/wakeup-Trigger is used.

So my problem is solved.
Thank you

Hi, I'm wondering if the close lid/open lid triggers are still in the process of being fixed? I'm trying to implement a workflow similar to the one outlined here: Toggle Bluetooth Status on MacBook lid open/close unreliable

Except, I only want to disable bluetooth when closing the lid of my Mac and keep Bluetooth disabled when I open the lid again


No, they now behave as expected as far as I can tell. (see above discussion)

Oh, ok. Thanks for the quick reply, Andreas!

Do you have any guidance about how getting this trigger to work? (Close the lid, disable bluetooth)

Do I need to use a different trigger (sleep + Amphetamine) -> is my close lid trigger not working because my Mac is going to sleep before the trigger can actually execute?

The screenshot attached is what I set up:

Try the "Before Mac Goes To Sleep" trigger instead, that will trigger a little earlier, thus allowing for some actions to be executed. Also make sure to remove the async delay.

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Thank you Andreas! That did the trick!

This is probably the fourth time I've looked for a stand-alone piece of software that does something specific, before realizing "I bet BTT can already do this."

Simply phenomenal software and support. I couldn't use my Mac without it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!