DEV: BTT Feature Requests for AQT

@Andreas_Hegenberg I'll compile feature requests for AQT here if you don't mind!

Appreciate it as I've had requests for some features that aren't possible in BTT as of yet.

I've also made an AquaTouch Tag and went ahead and tagged all my old requests with it, so do check it out.

For now, I really need help with this, did you have a way of finding out how to catch it? It still seems to be happening on import.

Second, Calendar Widget Scripting? Just one more widget needs to be updated before I'm iCalBuddy Free

Small Request, a keyboard brightness variable just like the existing internal display brightness variable

Thanks so much for the support!

Is it possible to disable updating a slider while its being held down?

I'm getting a flickery slider because it tries to update it while I'm sliding.

If i set the slider to 0 update, its smooth but doesn't sync up if it's adjusted from not the slider.

Hey Yuuiko. Really enjoying your preset. Is it possible to add Brave browser compatibility in the upcoming updates?

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