despite toggling it off btt clipboard manager keeps popping up when I click for iClip, the manager I actually use! V.annoying

Describe the bug

despite toggling it off btt clipboard manager keeps popping up when I click for iClip, the manager I actually use! V.annoying

imac kb
Imac mouse


Device information:

  • Type of Mac:imac late 2015
  • macOS version: 10.15.7
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.952 (2117)

you have still set it up somewhere in BTT, otherwise it wouldn’t show.

I've waded through every part of BTT, several times, whenever the damn clipboard manager pops up!

I can find only one checkbox for toggle clipboard manager and it is OFF.

If you know of other lurking checkboxes for the clipboard manager, perhaps you could do me the kindness of informing me?

Many Thanks

the action is called „Show Clipboard / Pasteboard“ history, and it can be assigned to any trigger in BTT

I can't find any 'actions'
I can't find 'Show Clipboard / Pasteboard'

I have , again, waded through all the screens of BTT.

Please explain where they are.

Can you provide screenshots of the steps I need to take,


Many Thanks

The action can be assigned to any trigger in BTT, in this example it's assigned to a keyboard shortcut:


That confirms that I have not done anything like that.

In my set up there is only one place in BTT that mentions clipboard manager, and thebox is ticked to DISABLE it.


I'd like to report an intermittent bug, that appears several times randomly in the working day, causing the BTT clip mangr to popup when I activate iClip, covering up the iClip.

you have my Mac spec in a previous message.

Given that I'm not an idiot, and that I haven’t done anything else to implement a clipboardin btt ,as I have demonstrated, and I've been using Mac since 1986, maybe you could now take my issue seriously?

Thank you

I'm always kind, btw, to quote your community rules, except when I'm patronised and talked down to. Thankfully that doesn't happen here


Dear @elriksettee
No one treats you the way you assume. I was iClip user before I switched to BTT.

How do you open iClip? Do you click the icon in the menubar or with the predefined shortcut control + q?

Sometimes strange things just happen. I have to sleep now, but I'll be happy to try to help tomorrow if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

To my credit, if control+q invokes iClip (set up in iClip), it would have been enough to set up control+q in BTT to get a conflict menu revealing the name of the other macro in BTT.

you can go to Help -> Export Diagnostic Debug Info and send the result to me (, then I can check where the BTT clipboard manager is triggered from.

And sorry, I didn’t want to sound like I don’t care about your issue, but in the case of the clipboard manager it really needs some configured trigger/action to show. If it doesn’t show in the UI, maybe it’s in a hidden preset or configured for a specific app? Did you maybe import some community preset earlier? The problem is there are many ways BTT can be configured and there is not just a „toggle off switch“ - it all depends on how you initially configured the clipboard manager in BTT.
It could even be some script you run inside or outside of BTT or a shortcut configured in Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Also I absolutely don’t consider posts that end with „V. annoying“ to be kind (but maybe that’s just me).

as I have said, I have combed through all the screens of btt, and can find nothing other than the one checkbox for clipmanager, which remaind UNCHECKED.

And I have not downloaded any community presets or such, the only settings I have are ones I created myself.

I don't appreciate being told that I must have done something when I have repeatedly told you I did not.

It is a very annotying issue when it happens, it throws me out of my flow when writing. I don't consider that my opinion -- that something is very annoying, when I find it so to be, I do not consider that to be unkind, I consider it to be a statement of a fact.

Yes you did sound like you didn't care: I might even say that your replies were 'unkind', except that I can't be bothered.

I don't know who Frank is, but kindly, please, don't interfere, Frank,

thank you, unless of course you have a solution to offer.

I apologise if this seems unkind, perhaps next time, don't bother, unless you have a solution.

Having been a Macuser since 1986, I am aware that "strange things just happen" thank you.

To answer your question, which doesn't seem relevant, I open iClip using both. I suspect that that answer tells us nothing.

ok you obviously don’t want help. Closed.

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