desktop Touch Bar icons

Hi all,
I would like to fill the black space in the attached figure with Better touch tool icons info ( like weather calendar and so on).But, at the same time I would like to leave the native iOS Touch Bar icons in the other situations, like finder, external apps and so on.

Is that be possible?
thank you!

No. You can't mix the native bar and BTT actions. This said, you can tell BTT wether you'd like to see the Default (macOS) bar or your own Preset depending on situations such as the program you're currently using, the document that's open, the window name,… You can add one and only one Control strip button that will appear and work in the macOS bar. Also, gestures (1 up to four finger gestures) can be set to work also on the native macOS touchbar.

On a personal note, I switched my touchbar to always show my BTT preset (check it out here).

But a two finger force click on the trackpad will switch between my preset and the Native Touch Bar. Super handsome. Also, if I hold ⌃⌥ the macOS bar will appear (totally functional of course) as long as these two keys are pressed. Check it out in your BTT settings!

Hi! thank you for the feedback.
I would not use BTT always because in some cases the native macOS bar are good.
compliments for your preset!