Demonstration of Trackpad Gestures

Life-changing app!
I must be in the minority, but I'm still getting stuck in figuring out what all the gestures mean. Is there some resource (or video?!) that walks us through them? For example, at first I didn't even know the difference between "click" and "force click" (I eventually figured that out) but I still can't figure out what "triangle swipe" or "clickswipe" "tipswipe"....are...
Is there place that explains these?
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately no - I always want to add some animations but never got to do it.

Triangle swipe (very old picture):

Just click the trackpad an swipe

Tap the trackpad with one finger, keep that finger on the trackpad - then (while still holding the first finger) swipe with another finger.

Thanks for the swift reply. I appreciate the explanation. I will probably post more questions, if that's okay.

Once again- AMAZING app.
I will definitely be purchasing a lifetime license. (I just started on the trial)