Delete Omnifocus text but not Task

Dear community,

I have the the following issue in Omnifocus.
Since the App does not have a trash bin or a a confirmation dialogue before deleting a task I was encountering problems of deleting important tasks and projects.
So I came up with the idea to diasbale the "⌫-Key totally in Omnifocus through BTT". This works like a charm and I am only allowed to delete tasks with "Shift + ⌫".

My problem is now that this rule also applies to the text within a task inside Omnifocus.
My desired scenario: I want to be able to delete tasks with "Shift + ⌫" only. But I want to delete texts or letters inside a text nomrally with "⌫" just like it is in any other word processor.
So I want to be able to secure myself from accidentially deleting tasks without having to leave a used way of deleting texts inside the task itself.

This same problem applies to Apple Mail also. (I only want to be able to delete a Mail with "Shift + ⌫". But I still want to delete text while writing a mail normally with "⌫".

Right now I am solving this problem with deactivating and activating BTT when I am editing text. I would be glad about some help. Thanks!