Delay Next Action Copy & Paste

I'm trying to make a touchbar button that runs a small sequence of keyboard shortcuts. The goal is to copy text from a webpage to a word doc with one button, mainly for use in a virtual machine.

I need to copy, alt-tab to word doc, paste. I've tried using a button that's primary function is Copy - assignment 2 is delay next action, assignment 3 is alt tab, assignment 4 is delay next action, assignment 5 is paste. I am running into an issue where it essentially behaves as if "copy" is being held down the whole time. The actual result of my button press is it sends something like control+alt+tab while usually copying the text but never pasting. Is there a way to use a button to send discreet actions, copy, alt+tab, paste?

What I tried (and seems to work) is the following:
Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 15.13.44

You can replace the notes app by your word document and it should work