Define keyboard shortcut no present on the current keyboard layout

Hi Andreas,

I have seen that there have been multiple questions and threads about this topic but i was not able to make the there suggested solutions work for me as i am working in a web application that does not have the menubar items i could trigger via the predefined trigger you provide in BTT.

Problem: Among other things i would like to use CMD + / in a webimplementation of the monaco editor to toggle comment. The first thing i tried was CMD + SHIFT + 7 (german keyboard layout for CMD +/) but that did not work.

Changing the keyboard layout to english works (CMD + . in the german layout then changes to CMD + /). Creating a keyboard shortcut that triggers a keyboard shortcut works as well but after switching keyboard layout back to german the "/" switches to ".".

Using CMD + PAD / (numpad "/") does not work either so i can't create a shortcut that triggers that.

Is it possible to somehow achieve the wanted results that i did not see? Otherwise would it be possible to implement a feature that lets me define what keyboard shortcut to send that does not rely on the keyboard shortcut beeing present on the current layout?

unfortunately macOS doesn't allow that. Apps need to make sure that their keyboard shortcuts actually work on all keyboard layouts.

So this would unfortunately be a change you need to request for Monaco.

The only alternative would be to remap a real key to /, maybe you have some keys you don't need - then this could be done.

Alright, thank you for the quick reply!

By the way, it seems like Monaco uses cmd+# on most keyboard layouts where the / is not available

Sorry for the late reply. This unfortunately does not work for me. But maybe ill find a way to bind it to that as there is nothing else happening when using cmd+# :smiley: