Deactivate Group doesn't deactivate child triggers

I was hoping i could deactivate all child triggers of a group by simply deactivating the group.
But that doesn't have the desired effect. Child triggers are still active. Even after restarting BTT and/or rebooting the system.
BTT version 3.202 Mojave 10.14.6

that’s currently expected behavior and used in many presets to have hidden groups that only become visible when opening using the predefined action.

so what is the suggested way to toggle activ/passiv a whole group of triggers?

I think you can mark them all and press cmd+d to toggle the disabled state

this works, thanks.

I'm sorry to rise this topic up again but I stumbled over a problem what this bugreport describes best: on my system (MBPro 2020, 10.15.7) deactivating the 'Group' changes something inside the 'group', but not all childs and the followup is very unlogically and confusing.

I made a screenvideo (I speak german because it's easier for me and I know Andreas will understand me):