De-/Increase window size by value?

Always struggling with macOS window management. I found the trigger to increase it to a fixed value I can type in. But can I de-/increase the current window by 30% (horizontal only). If yes, can I modify to say "extend right corner by 30%" or "extend both corners by 15%"?

Unfortunately BTT doesn't support percentage based window resizing yet. (I think I can easily add that soon though)

Here is an example that increases the size of a window by 50px:

example_50px.bttpreset (1.9 KB)

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No need for percentage. +/-150pxl works great. Thanks so much :smiley:

Since BTT has this action, I do everything with it. I don't think many people are aware of this action yet :slight_smile:

That one can only do fixed sizes&positions though :wink:

Sure. But if I know how much I want to move a window or change its size, this is again a fixed size and position. And if I don't need 200 such options, this action is perfect :wink: