action for

1- zooming ………via “Pinch in/out”
for timeline & fusion page (3d,flow)

2-middle click …….. via “ 3 finger click”

DaVinci Resolve.bttpreset (18.9 KB)
davinci triggers off.bttpreset (2.2 KB)

it worked for while..
then it acts weird like pinch in/out stopped working... instead scroll in two fingers act like zoom in/out.. then over all keyboard function starts acting weird as well..
i couldnt type any english letters.. if i type in keyboard some weird symbols are coming up

i even re installed davinci and BTT..
still it is happening

re-link the trigger with automations

or try this one
DV2.bttpreset (19.7 KB)

Yes Relinking the modifier key worked..
is there any way to tweak its smoothness..
right now if pinch in/out it is happening very fast... and if zoom out for a while.. it suddenly triggers the pinch in gesture and starts zoom in action like a glitch(only happening for a sec)
and sometimes there is kinda slight delay in recognition of my fingers when i pinching the trackpad...

i will upload the preset soon
timeline zoom in & zoom out

Screen zoom in & out

Playhead Snap
playhead snap

Trims & Cut
Trim & cut

Control 3d scene by ( only ) two fingers :wink:
3d screen control

Floating DaVinci Resolve.bttpreset (1.4 MB)

CleanShot 20240613 - 20-01