data access from other apps permission (sonoma)

i have a problem with BTT after my mac woke from sleep i got ask to allow data from other apps permission i allow it but it keeps poping up again and again with no solution but to restart.
any help


you need to report this to apple, this is a system bug. If you are on sonoma beta use the integrated feedback app

happening to me too. but only since i recovered old settings from a bigsur install. so i guess it has something to do with that?

happens to me too. every time it wakes up from sleep it pops up a message like the one posted above by arne. And its also resistent to clicking - it only works from the second click

the only workaround is to add BTT to the list in system settings-> privacy & security-> full disk access

However I thought Apple fixed this with macos 14.1, are you maybe still on 14.0?

Thank you for your help! it worked. I am on sonoma 14.1

I can't compare with 14.0 because I have installed 14.1 as the first 14 version