Dark mode messes up the text box for "Insert / Type / Paste Custom Text"

Enable dark mode in system preferences.
Add an action to a trigger, choose ""Insert / Type / Paste Custom Text"'.
Type into the text box.
The text will be white on a white background.


Device information:

  • M1 Macbook Air
  • MacOS 13.4
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.075

Same here.

M2 Macbook Pro 13 in
Sonoma 14.2
Version: 4.33

You can select the font color on the left side, or do I not understand correctly?

Thanks for this quick answer Andreas. Yes, you are correct. It it will stay black if we go back later to edit the same Custom text. However, if we create a second action (e. g. I am creating at the moment many Key Sequence → [Transform to] Custom Text in a row), text color will be at first white and will need to be change in order to be read while we type.

Let be clear: this is a simple annoyance and not a major "OMG It breaks everything" bug. But I preferred to let you know as it might be more troublesome for some users and it might shed light on others Dark mode related bugs


P.S. Credits to Robert who noticed the bug is in Dark Mode.

These are hard to handle because what if you want to (for example) paste white text? Should it still show as black while in light mode? Unfortunately I think every option is in some way confusing ;-(.