Cycle Through Stages - Highlight Stages in Strip First

First off, thank you for offering "Cycle Through Stages". That the OS doesn't have a keyboard shortcut is nuts to me. I currently have it assigned to keyboard shortcut and the option I am requesting is to make cycling behave more like the app switcher. Pressing command+tab activates the app switcher, repeatedly hitting tab while holding command changes which app is selected, and releasing the command key brings the app forward. My ideas stage switcher would behave the same wherein invoking the shortcut would activate cycling, repeatedly hitting the non-modifier key changes which stage in the strip is selected, and releasing the modifier brings that stage forward. This would make it much easier to pin point which stage in the strip to swap with rather than going through the cumbersome animation of swapping through multiple stages. I suspect this is probably a big ask as it's probably not idiomatic to how keyboard shortcuts work today, and because I don't see how it would work with touch gestures. Regardless, thanks for the consideration.