Customizing BTT Remote buttons layouts

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I have been an happy BTT user for a while now, but just recently started fiddling around with BTT remote, which seems very handy! I was wondering if it was possible to customize the buttons layouts on the "left screen" view (the ones with arrows/media controls etc.). This would allow many interesting use cases for me, and not just remote control when I'm on the couch.

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Bump - Any news or update on this front? I'd like the ability to do this same thing. Basically, like the app Touch Portal. I'd like to be able to create a button on the left button screen and then trigger a BTT shortcut.

Also, I'd like to be able to turn off the mouse area at the bottom. Ideally I'd leave an old iPad / iPhone next to my MacBook and be able to trigger any of my BTT shortcuts.


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Any updates on this...? I also would like to customize the BTT remote... Ideally, what we can do on the touchbar (create colorful buttons of various sizes and styles, I use these to define various triggers within X applications on the computer), to be able to do that on the Remote app.

With the last few BTT versions I have prepared a lot for the new BTT Remote. It is still in development, but I finally have everything set up. My current plan is to release in August (sorry probably won't be realistic to have it available earlier). It will allow super customizable layouts.

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Amazing news to hear, very excited and anxiously awaiting its release. Thanks for such a quick reply/update!