Customize Touch Bar for Web App?


Would it be possible to customise the touch bar content for a web browser based on the current page? ie. when I go to a specific page (for example Gmail) I would like to show different buttons than normally for the app.

I dont know if that is currently possible with a feature im unaware of. I can give you some advise for those sites you would to have a custom touchbar for (ie. YouTube, Netflix, others etc.)

Take a look at, Unity app, and I think there are a few others. Allows you to create a stand alone Application based on a URL. I use Fluid.

It is possible by creating a conditional activation group that activates based on the window title. In case of websites the window title is the tab's title. For some websites it might be necessary to use a plugin like this to be able to match the website:

Thank you for your advice! I'm familiar with Fluid, and may have to resort to it if customising the browser is not possible.

Thank you! Will have to take a closer look but I think this is exactly what I'm looking for!

Bringing this post back. I wonder if there is any workaround to set custom groups based upon the URL, perhaps using custom strings. My AppleScript skills are not so strong but I have been trying to work this out.

Currently I have my custom groups set based on Window name and Touch Bar Groups and it is working, except when I run into an issue where there is a discussion mentioning something like YouTube (it happens in these forums) and suddenly my YouTube bar is visible but not my Safari bar.

Any of y'all smart people out there have any ideas?

Aqua Touch customizes the touch bar in different websites, so I'm sure it's possible. I don't know how though

Exclude the forum's name from your YouTube Touch Bar using the "is not" feature could do the job!

Oh, I modified yuuiko's CSG Handler script and got this working quite nicely. I needed to adapt what I was looking to do but the solution is quite elegant