Customize Size Of Trackpad Zones/Areas

Hi All,

I'm a new user trying out BTT with a Magic Trackpad 2 and am wondering if it's possible to adjust the size of the various trackpad areas such as "Top Middle" or "Right Middle" so that I don't have to reach all the way to the edge of the trackpad to activate a trigger?

I've looked through the forum here but not found anything that helps yet.

I'm essentially looking to either widen the entire border around the trackpad to make these areas bigger, or adjust the size of each area individually, if that's an option.

I looked into the Advanced Trigger Conditions and it seems like there is some kind of customization available for the leftmost_touch and rightmost_touch in the x and y, but I can't seem to find a set of values or conditions actually changes anything regarding the size of the trigger area on the trackpad. I don't know how to see what the default values are either.

Any advice, help, or suggestions would be most welcome - Thanks!

i really would want to know that as well. i constantly make errors typing on the trackpad since the center zone is so small. i would like the center zone to be all the surface of the trackpad. i have the old all aluminium trackpad, don't like the feel of the new larger one which i bought and abandonned. but the aluminium one with two batteries is smaller and has a very small center zone, for right click for instance (with constant errors). Love btt to marriage, couldn't live without it (10 years using it each day). but since the center zone being so small, i just ordered the logi master 3s mouse despite disliking mices to my core. if someone could help , it would be much appreciated. I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO RIGHT CLICK WHEREVER I WANT ON THE TRACKPAS AND NOT JUST NEEDING JUST IN THE EXACT CENTER OF THE TRACKPAD

@CGME for the top taps, you can use this option, which will make the area bigger:

As you mentioned you could also use advanced trigger conditions. However you'd need to apply them in the "normal mouse" section to override a left-click in specific areas. That will also apply to trackpad because left-click is the same for normal mouse and trackpads. That way you can custom the behavior of single finger taps / left-clicks in different areas on the trackpad.

@2204pc I don't exactly understand what you mean by center area. The whole touch-surface should work for right-clicks. However I'd highly recommend the Magic Trackpad 2 or 3 because there have been so many improvements in that.