Customize hold action?

Hi, i just downloaded AquaTouch and i am loving it! I have a few questions though:

  1. On the four buttons on the left, is it possible to change what happens when the button is held? I'd like to have the control center button toggle do not disturb instead of activating Siri.
  2. Is it possible to change how long you have to hold for the action to activate? It is currently very slow in my opinion.

I don't care if the only way to make these changes is in a way that it gets reset when updating, i just want to know if there's a way to do it at all.


Hope this helps!

Actually I might set DND as default too!

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Thank you for the reply! I was able to change the hold action :grinning:. Is there also a way to change how long you have to hold, or maybe add other actions for double tapping? I didn't see how to do that from your screenshot. I see it's referencing some reusable named trigger, but i don't see where i can edit it.

Oh that's new, i don't recall there being a long press duration slider. Try that out, Note what's selected in the screenshot to find where that is. I haven't seen that before, as far as i knew before this it wasn't settable! will try it now

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That worked, thank you! Any idea why it was set to 0 by default though? That makes me think the defalut delay is configured elsewhere :thinking:

First time I seen this option too, I only know as much as you

Id think its just an internal default, BTT has no standard in indicating "You haven't set this before" so i think in this case thats why it was 0

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