Customised contextual menu and snap area and one more

Just checking:
(1) Is there a way to construct an app-specific and BTT-triggered customise pop-up menu? The reason I'm asking is there are always more items or not enough items than user need in the std contextual menu for any app. If a BTT trigger can call up a tailored pop up with all menu items a user needs that would be wonderful.
(2) The current snap area is fixated to a specific screen resolution. Just wondering if BTT can offer a proportional snap area setting if user change the resolution. With this settings, user can save time in rebuilding the areas or at least can use the setting as template for further adjustment.
(3) When/if users are building up different shortcuts for global and specific app, there are times that we need to remember the shortcuts, Just wondering if a custom trigger can be added to call up a popup windows showing all of the configured BTT shortcuts for the active app that users are using?

BTT is already way beyond what I could have expected for a utility app, just making suggestions...

You can create custom HTML menus if you want, have a look here for a example:

You 2 and 3 point are planned for upcoming versions.

If possible please create separate posts, as it's very hard for me to keep track of features/bugs if they are combined into one post.