Custom Trackpad Orientation

Allow the "up" orientation of the trackpad to be rotated in 1-5º increments so that hands on a MacBook could be at a more natural angle during use.


unfortunately the driver only allows 90° increments ;-(

That's a shame, but thanks! :slight_smile:

unfortunately the driver only allows 90° increments ;-(

I just downloaded BTT version 3.508 (1646) and I don't see any trackpad options for 90° orientation changes, only the option to 'Mirror complete Magic Trackpad orientation for "upside-down" usage' which is basically a 180° orientation switch.
Am I not seeing where to enable a 90° orientation change for the magic trackpad or does this option actually not exist?
I've searched through the forums and docs but found no definite answer.

This is exactly what I need - 90 degree rotation of the trackpad orientation to match a 90 degree screen rotation (to portrait mode for books). Ideally I'd love to be able to rotate both trackpad and screen with one gesture. Please help!

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