Custom Snap Areas settings/config location

Hi folks,

I'm on MacOS 12.6 (Macbook Pro M1 14). I've imported BTT settings from my old Intel Macbook Pro 16 and everything was imported correctly (including custom Snap Areas), but after 2-3 days these custom Snap Areas have disappeared. I didn't upgrade my system nor the BTT. I'm using the same monitor and docking hub.

I tried:

  1. Re-importing the settings (no luck this time, everything is imported except custom Snap Areas)
  2. Restarting BTT
  3. Restarting laptop
  4. Reconnecting my screen
  5. Reconnecting my docking hub (Kingston SD5200T)
  6. Various combinations of 1-5 using a different order and different ports on my MBP 14.

Maybe something changed and my monitor is recognized as a different device with a different / screen resolution that's why my custom Snap Areas are not visible anymore.

My question is: where is text config for Snap Areas stored and how can I edit it manually? I suspect that I could:

  1. Set up 1 dummy custom Snap Area on MBP 14 to get the ID of my monitor / whatever is used as a key for custom Snap Areas.
  2. Copy all Snap Areas from text config from old MBP 16.
  3. Replace the ID in the copied config with ID from 1 and it should be working as intended.


Problem is, snap areas are bound to a specific display configuration. Thus migrating them from a 16" display to a 14" display will not work.

I'm thinking about adding a way to migrate them relative to the old&new display resolution, but right now this is not possible.

Hi Andreas! Thanks, I'm aware of that limitation! Sorry I forgot to mentioned that Snap Areas are only for my external display and they worked fine for 2-3 days after the first import.

Weird - possibly try to create a new snap area now, then go to Preset => Export Highlighted and send the result to me ( Then I can check the difference.

Awesome, thanks! Shared new and old config via email. Out of curiosity: In which file I can see plain text config for the custom Snap Areas?