Custom Menu Bar Icon - New features

Some features I would like to have:

1- New predefined action to show / hide / toggle show-hide any custom menubar icon

2- New predefined action for changing the icon (without changing the execution of predefined action).
Example: Menu Bar Icon that switchs between 2 BTT presets, with this feature:

  • I have a menu bar icon "Left Arrow".
  • When I click this menu bar icon the "Left Arrow" preset is disabled, and the "Right Arrow" preset is enabled
  • Automatically the menu bar icon changes to the icon "Right Arrow", matching the BTT preset that is enabled
  • If I click again on the icon "Right Arrow", the "Right Arow" preset is disabled, and the "Left Arrow" is enabled again. The icon changes again and shows the Left Arrow icon, matching with the preset enabled.
    So, the idea is to have the possibility of having a menu bar icon showing the current state of the action that this icon is executing.

3- Make a menu with options:
Instead of launching an action when clicking a menu bar icon, I would like to have the option of getting a context menu.
The menu would be personalizable with any predefined action of BTT.

I would like to see this also. It's currently possible to have the menu bar icon change based on output from a script, but it would be nice to not have to have the script run every second when it could run on click/menu option.

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