Custom Calendar BTT Widget

Just 2 weeks ago finally I succeeded in creating my all-own Calendar widget

Now BTT destroys the party :boom: and adds an amazing, perfect and nice inbuilt Calendar Widget :smiley:

Thanks a bunch for that and sharing the custom calendar widget I had created here as a simple preset
To use it you will need to edit the code of the widgets, LOL, who needs to do that now that we have the calendar widget inbuilt!

Anyway, you'd need to:

  • change the "Trigger Calendar" AppleScript Widgets code, to listen to your own calendar (find and replace "Name of Calendar, Another Name of Calendar" with your own calendar names.)
  • change the 2 Shellscripts included in the group "Calendar" so each listens to one of your calendars (replace in each of the scripts "Title of Calendar" with your own's). ==> Add more such scripts or remove depending on the number of calendars.
    Oh, you will need iCalBuddy.

What a mess, better use the inbuilt Calendar Widget! :grin:

Thanks, Andreas, for the implementation in core!

Preset download: Calendar.bttpreset (223.1 KB)

:see_no_evil: sorry! :smiley:

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Could you provide a screenshot ? Thanks

This is meanwhile so old I do not use it anymore, and the provided set requires some edits to make it run (for screenshots)

Sorry, I'll keep it in mind for eventual future presets if I share any, to add nice screenshots!