Custom Apple Script Slider widget Help

Hello! Please, I really need your help. I haven't found any information about Custom Apple Script Slider widget regarding:

  1. Logic of on bttWidgetSliderMoved(VALUE) ... end bttWidgetSliderMoved - what exactly triggers slider to send value? I know that it sends float in between 0 and 1 and I can use formula to change this value but if I quickly change slider position, it starts to produce wrong values [for example 0,25 - 0,38 - 0,54 - 0,14 (unexpected) - 0,68 ...]. Even if I quickly move slider from middle to the max position, sometimes the last value it produces is not "1", its value is 0,14 for example.
  2. How to trigger Real JavaScript when moving slider? How to use dynamic slider value in Real JavaScript?
  3. Is there a way to use some global variables that stays at the last value while Slider retriggers script (Applescript and Real JavaScript)?

It's really hard to non-programmer to find any information and ways to resolve issues.

Appreciate any replies. Thanks!