Cursor Position-Based Conditional Activation for Mouse Pointer

I am a passionate user of BTT and deeply appreciate the flexibility and extensive customization options that your software provides. I would like to propose an addition that I believe could further enrich BTT's suite of features, making it even more powerful and versatile.

It would be incredibly helpful to have the ability to activate or modify mouse input behavior (particularly mouse wheel behavior) based on the current cursor position on the screen. A practical example of this feature could be enabling special behavior (such as horizontal scrolling or keyboard shortcut activation) when the cursor is within specific areas of the screen, such as the timeline of a video editing application (e.g., Final Cut Pro).

In my specific case, I would like to automatically enable the "Shift + mouse wheel" combination for horizontal scrolling only when the cursor is on the timeline of Final Cut Pro, to facilitate a more intuitive project navigation. Outside of this area, the mouse wheel should revert to its standard behavior (vertical scrolling).

I believe this feature could benefit many users who work with specific applications where a differentiated interaction mode based on cursor position could significantly enhance efficiency and user experience. Furthermore, it would open the door to even more detailed and situational customization of inputs, in line with BTT's philosophy of providing powerful tools for deep customization.

I hope you will consider adding this feature in a future release of BetterTouchTool. I am convinced that it would greatly enrich the capabilities of your software and provide users with even more flexible tools to optimize their workflow.

Thank you for your time and ongoing commitment to the development of BetterTouchTool. I look forward to any updates regarding this proposal and am available to further discuss the idea if needed.

Best regards,