Cursor-blocking regions to make hot corners easier to use in multi-monitor setups

There's a great feature in the window-snapping settings to increase the snapping recognition area size in multi-monitor setups. It works great for snapping, but I also put my cursor in the corner of the screen for several other reasons, like hot corners or clicking the Notification Center icon. The problem that I have is that I have two monitors side-by-side, which effectively makes the inner corners non-existent (if I put the mouse in the top-right corner of the left monitor, it just moves to the right monitor without triggers the hot corner). I've worked around this problem by telling my Mac that one monitor is slightly higher than the other (in display arrangement settings), which creates a small "wall" at the top of one monitor and at the bottom of the other where the mouse can't go through, but it's not an ideal solution since it still leaves two corners that I can't access and my mouse "jumps" a bit when I go from one monitor to the other. What I'd really like is a feature that will essentially prevent the mouse from moving from one monitor to another if it is within (N) pixels of the top or bottom. If this is something that other people would find useful, hopefully it could be built into BetterTouchTool! Thanks.

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