Cryptocurrency Widget Builder

Would like to share a tool/site I built at the end of last year (at the peak of crypto-maina).

The tool is hosted on GitHub pages and the source code is available in the GitHub Repo.

The tool allows you to create and customise a set of cryptos you wish to see on your touch bar then exports a python based script directly towards BTT.

After only recently been able to develop on this again I have been refactoring the tool a little - primarily to make it python template based and easier to maintain longer term. There will likely be a few more improvements in upcoming weeks.

If anyone has any feedback, suggestions or requests hit me up here or on the repository itself.

Hi, its possible to add non-crypto currency, as example EUR-USD, USD-GBP?

Hey, Thanks for checking the tool out.

I don't think it would be the best route to add non-crypto conversions to this specific tool - lots of crypto specific things in there, however I do see value/use in your suggestion.

What I can attempt in the coming week(s) is to modify the work of this tool and apply a similar logic to the conversion of normal currency.

I will report back here with any news :grin:

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