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Would like to share a tool/site I built at the end of last year (at the peak of crypto-maina).

The tool is hosted on GitHub pages and the source code is available in the GitHub Repo.

The tool allows you to create and customise a set of cryptos you wish to see on your touch bar then exports a python based script directly towards BTT.

After only recently been able to develop on this again I have been refactoring the tool a little - primarily to make it python template based and easier to maintain longer term. There will likely be a few more improvements in upcoming weeks.

If anyone has any feedback, suggestions or requests hit me up here or on the repository itself.

Hi, its possible to add non-crypto currency, as example EUR-USD, USD-GBP?

Hey, Thanks for checking the tool out.

I don't think it would be the best route to add non-crypto conversions to this specific tool - lots of crypto specific things in there, however I do see value/use in your suggestion.

What I can attempt in the coming week(s) is to modify the work of this tool and apply a similar logic to the conversion of normal currency.

I will report back here with any news :grin:


wanted to pick up on this old subject. Is it at all possible to use the tool for currency rates as asked before?

Would be a great solution to this (as the crypto tool seems to be well designed)

Would appreciate ur feedback.

@ndrsa @Mike_Smirnov I modified the crypto version to a version to work on standard currencies.
It is a cut down version with less features but most of them are available in BetterTouchTool itself.

You can give it a try here - let me know if you have any feedback

Hey there,
Im using crypto and normal currency tools and it works so well. I couldn't manage to put increase/decrease arrows into standart currencies as they work at crypto version. Can you help?

This is a fantastic little tool, super handy and quick to setup with the import. Thank you!

Hey there! Thanks for using these, great to see them still being useful for people!

If I recall this was one of the features that I stripped out of the tool, I think because the API didn't provide an opening value for the day so I couldn't provide a comparison for an upward or downward movement.

These tools are wayyyyy overdue for some maintenance and rework - I may look into revamping these once again sometime soon. Will update this thread if I can see a way to make these changes

Thanks for the kind words, let me know if you can see any improvements based on your usage.

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Hey, just wanted to say I appreciate you sharing this little tool. I think I'm gonna look into doing something similar for stocks, so this will be a very helpful starting point for me. If I get around to making what I'm thinking about, I'll definitely share it and post a link to my inspiration here!

Thanks for the link to that tool. Very nice addition...

Hey Chris,

Just curious if the Touch Bar crypto ticket still works? I go to this link here but it doesn't show any cryptocurrencies available. Crypto-Touchbar-App


Hi Chris,

The widget looks like its stopped working. Also the builder on github isn't displaying the coins anymore.
This tool is super useful :slight_smile:
Any updates here?

Hey @Noojin (sorry for the delay) and @whyzeguy - from what I can see the app is still running, that said I have seen issues in the past with the use of other browsers and script blockers. It seems the app loads for me with all the coins (and icons) available using Chrome on my Mac.

With regards to the widgets being broken (and if my assumption is correct, also why the app doesn't load coins for you) - I suspect it is related to rate limiting. Whilst I am happy to assist you here, would appreciate it if you look over this issue specifically this comment and its followup to see if that assists you in any way.

Thanks for the feedback and continued usage :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response and heads up on the threads/replies.. I understand the issue now and have changed my IP & updated refresh intervals to hopefully reduce the calls.

Although the widget builder still doesn't display coins for me. I've attached a link to a screenshot. (edit it doesn't let me paste the link so I've separated it with a space between the domain and path) /JVdH6kF.png

Hi, @chrislennon Thank you so much for this widget it's very useful. I remarked for the new tokens like Safemoon, SHIB and Akita it did not pull logos and number of values limited just with 5 but for the new tokens it should be at least 8. I fixed by myself with little touch and its amazing working. If someone needs i can sent as a presets for Safemoon, SHIB and AKITA.

Thank you again,

Good to hear you worked around the number of decimals, don't think I had tested any of that when this project kicked off a few years ago

I pull my icons from this repository, could perhaps be worth contributing them there GitHub - AllienWorks/cryptocoins: Cryptocoins is the most complete vector/webfont icon pack of your favourite cryptocurrencies

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