Cron is not working as it shoould

I enter "10" in hours.

The current settings result in these upcoming trigger dates:
2022 M02 5, Sat 10:18:54 GMT+01:00
2022 M02 5, Sat 10:18:55 GMT+01:00
2022 M02 5, Sat 10:18:56 GMT+01:00

Also, Trigger "repeat in XXX seconds" is also not working - when I set it, it was not triggered

which version are you currently on?
There has been a fix related to cron triggers in the latest alpha - possibly try check whether this also fixes your issue.

It is the latest release :slight_smile:
will wait for the release fix, thanx

can you tell the version? (because there are multiple update channels)


the fix I mentioned is included starting with 3.743 (you can get that by pressing the „check for alpha versions menu item)

Thanx, its not urgent so I will wait for the release.

I just fired today 50+ events, so they can wait for a bit :))))

Any release date?

the alpha is already released and should be pretty stable. A new official release is coming sometime in March

I just tried the alpha. Something is still off:


As you see in the example, the task is triggered every second, instead every hour.

(and that really happens, so its not that the text is wrong)

The default is *, if you want it to only trigger once per hour, enter a 0 for minute and a 0 for seconds as well :slight_smile:

ah my cron knowledge ;))))))) thanx!

it's not exact cron, just pretty similar implementation :slight_smile: